This is a page I made dedicated to my favourite planner resources for creators and online entrepreneurs.

This page includes programs from Michelle Rohr and Aimee Johanan.

I also added the links where you can join each program and get my bonuses.

In the Passive Income Planner Girl course, you’ll learn how to turn your zone of genius into a digital planner and use your digital planner as a launching pad to a business full of raving fans while honoring your desires, your personality, and your joy in the journey every step of the way.

You will learn:

  • How to see the big picture of going from selling a planner on Etsy to building a business with 1000 true fans
  • How to identify your zone of genius (aka your super power)
  • How to create your zone of genius planner 
  • How to launch your shop on Etsy
  • How to market your planner on Pinterest
  • How to open the door to more money with our “Customer Hub” concept
  • How to create your quick and dirty mini course
  • How to step into abundance with affiliates
  • How to hold space for your super fans

Are you ready to:

  • honor your zone of genius
  • listen to your intuition
  • go all in on what lights YOU up?
  • create magic from a place of self-alignment?

If you join Passive Income Planner Girl through my link, you’ll get as a bonus the complete Female Entrepreneur Section from my Vault of products. That means you’ll be able to take all my digital product-oriented courses and programs for free.

Do you dream of creating beautiful digital planners, but stress over the idea of making them from scratch?

You need the Digital Planner Template Kit!

Here’s what’s inside The Digital Planner Template Kit:

  • A fully customizable undated digital planner template with hyperlinked tabs ready for you to decorate.
  • Customizable graphics for promoting your planner on Pinterest and and listing it on Etsy.
  • Step-by-step tutorials walking you through how to decorate your digital planner template.
  • Plus, you get the extended commercial license as well so that you can sell as many digital planners as you want using this template!

If you join the Digital Planner Template Kit through my link, you’ll get as a bonus my template to design landscape-oriented digital planners and notebooks on Canva. This template includes four tutorials and a lifetime commercial license so that you can sell as many planners as you want.

Ready to drag and drop your way to a professional Etsy shop?

The Canva Template Kit is designed specifically for people who want to start and build a business making and selling planners on Etsy (or any online shop platform you choose).

It includes:

  • 19 portrait-orientation printable planner page templates
  • 19 lanscape-orientation printable planner page templates
  • 99 Etsy listing templates
  • 66 Etsy banner templates
  • 92 Pinterest templates

Are you ready to see what you can create when you don’t have to start from scratch? Get The Canva Template Kit!

If you join the Canva Template Kit through my link, you’ll get as a bonus my Digital Planner Canva Template. You can make the most out of Michelle and Aimee’s kit and re-use the inner pages you design with it in my template so that you can create digital planners in even less time!

Would you like to let go of your protective patterns?

Are you ready to reclaim your power back so that you can start experiencing a life that feels delightful to you? Read my own experience with the Release and Reclaim program by Michelle and Aimee, and see how I saw my life transforming in a matter of thirty days. 

The Magic is You is for women who want to shed the B.S., step into their power, honor their intuition, and embrace their desires.

This is a personal development program that gives you the framework to embrace the inner work of becoming the fullest expression of who you really are and letting go of whatever does not serve the highest expression of you.

It’s time to put yourself first and prioritize the inner work.
When you grow, everything else will grow.

If you’re ready to…

  • Cultivate your unstoppable mindset
  • Make fear your compass
  • Step into your highest self
  • Declutter and Lighten Up

…then check out The Magic is You!

If you join The Magic is You through my link, you’ll get as a bonus the complete Spirituality & Mindset Section from my Vault of products. That means you’ll be able to download my ultimate self-care planner, affirmation cards, guided meditations and journaling workbook for free.

Have you been feeling distracted and disconnected from yourself lately? Living the same day over and over, recycling the same issues, repeating the same complaints?

If you’ve answered yes, then it’s time to…
✨ declutter what no longer serves you
✨ come home to your higher self
✨ write a new story
✨ step into your next chapter

It’s time to tell a new story – the story of the TRUE you.

Release and Reclaim is a program that you can find inside the Magic is You, but you can also experience it on its own as a mini experience of MIU.

This program is a 30 day guided journey that includes the following:

  1. A beautiful 30 day journal with delicious practices and articles to guide you through the work of decluttering and stepping into your higher self.
  2. A hub of daily curated videos, audios, and articles selected and created by Michelle and Aimee
  3. 3 live group calls replays with Michelle and Aimee 

If you’re ready to release the stories, beliefs, and clutter that is weighing you down so that you can reclaim all that is magnificent, beautiful, and powerful about YOU, then I invite you to join Release and Reclaim.

If you join Release and Reclaim through my link, you’ll get as a bonus my Ultimate Self-care Planner, where you’ll be able to plan how you’ll be taking care of your mental, physical and medical health. Using the planner will allow you to schedule doctor’s appointments sooner and create new healthy habits for yourself.