I’m a creative entrepreneur who built a small passive income business from scratch by using my skills and hobbies.

Today I want to help YOU create a digital passive income business that you love using your skills while doing something you enjoy.

If you want to know more about my story, keep reading 🙂

When I was in my final year of university I was living in autopilot, sort of. On the outside, I was studying a lot, working on my final thesis project, going to my internship and trying to get my degree. But on the inside, I was feeling trapped. My inner motivation hit rock bottom for the first time in my life. I didn’t want to continue going to class and I just wanted to quit my internship.

I was studying to be an English teacher but there wasn’t a single part of me motivated to work in that kind of job. Deep down I knew that that wasn’t the thing I wanted to do when getting my degree.

I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with my life because I was (and still am) a multi passionate person. But I was sure about something: I wanted to have a creative job with a flexible schedule, hopefully working from home.

A year later I started writing a blog in Spanish called Inaayat which eventually became my first business Blissogirl. I started helping other language learners around the world to organize their practice and learn through immersion with my printables and courses.

Finally I had made something that I wanted to do and started earning money with it. I haven’t had a boss nor a 9-5 schedule since then and I’ve been able to create every single thing I’ve wanted.

It was during this journey that I created The Creative Purpose podcast, so that I could share all my tips, behind the scenes and aha moments with other women starting in the entrepreneurial land.

After four years of starting Blissogirl, I decided I wanted to expand more by founding my second business, The Creative Purpose. This is where I want to help you create a small passive income business you love that allows you to create your version of a beautiful job.

If you have been thinking of starting a blog, creating an online course, designing a digital product or anything that makes you feel fully alive, this is your place, girl. I will do my best to guide you using my own experience as a solopreneur woman living in Chile.

In this journey together I want you to feel understood and lead by me, so that you know you’re not alone even if the circumstances make you think you’re the only person struggling to run a small business. I’ve been there too, with fear and anxiety included in the package.

So please know that you have a friend here 🙂 and I will try to provide you with all the lessons I’ve been collecting along the way.

Are you ready to walk by my side?