Here you will find a variety of tools and platforms that I recommend you for your small passive income business. From books to courses and hosting pages for your domains, you can read my thoughts about them and take a closer look at the ones that you’re interested in. I hope you enjoy my selection!

Michelle and Aimee have this really cool course that helps you create a digital business from your zone of genius by creating a planner to help others in an area you have experience with.

This beautiful template to create a planner on Canva made it super easy for me to create the Yearly Language Planner and the Creative Project Kit.

This is the mini experience of Passive Income Planner Girl. Here you’ll learn how to design unique digital planners and workbooks by glowing up one you already have created.

In this bestseller course Michelle and Aimee teach how you to create a digital planner by using a template that they made so that the process gets easier for you.

This is the mindset coaching program I joined some years ago. I will always be grateful for following my intuition to join because I’ve learnt so much about personal growth from Michelle and Aimee in the past years.

If you want to spend some co-working time with Michelle and the other members, this is your place. You’ll be able to share your services in the Planner Girl Directory.

The new program by Michelle and Aimee is all about taking a 30-day journey to release your blocks, declutter your belongings and protecting patterns, face your fears, all in order to reclaim your power back to you. I’m personally loving each day content and digital journal.

I read this book some years ago when I got interested in becoming a Freelancer. I still go back to its pages and re-read my favourite fragments from time to time.

Marie Forleo is probably the female guru of many entrepreneur ladies around the world. In this book she guides you through a series of practices and stories to help you see that in fact, everything is figureoutable.

I’m currently about to finish this book by Denise DT and I’m having hundreds of aha moments in relation to my relationship with money and abundance. I cannot recommend it enough.

Canva is the only platform I use to design everything I do: my workbooks, planners, digital notebooks, banners, graphics for social media, elements for my website and courses, and more.

I started selling my digital products on Etsy on 2018 and I haven’t stopped since then. There hasn’t been a single month where I haven’t had some earnings using this platform.

When I created my first courses I used Teachable and realized it was the best platform when you’re a beginner. They’re always helping you in the process of creating and selling a course.

Payhip was the first platform on which I sold my digital products. It’s easy to use and sends you payments right away to your Paypal account. You can also use it to charge for membership programs you create.

Mailchimp is the only email marketing platform I’ve used in my whole entrepreneurial journey. I like it because it allows you to have up to 2000 email subscribers in the free plan which is pretty good if you’re starting.

I simply love Google Drive. I use it for everything: creating and using google sheets (like excell), writing the ideas for my biz, designing surveys for my audience, storaging the meditations I listen on the daily, and much more.

I started using Notion last year and I simply love it. I enjoy organizing and planning things, and Notion helps me to do that but also being able to personalized every single thing in the way I want. The best part? there are many templates that you can use for whatever you need to organize.

I enjoy a lot the process of designing a panner or notebook, but what I enjoy the most is choosing the clip art and patterns I’ll be using for each design. I love going to Creative Market and looking for the style of my next product.

Thrivecart is a digital tool that allows you to create a cart for your products or courses in a personalized way. You can also manage your affiliates through it. Now it has a lifetime payment option so you don’t have to keep paying for this service forever.

My Snowball Blue microphone is the one I use for everything: recording my podcast, creating videos for Youtube, recording tutorials…I love how easy to use it is and its versatility. Also, the quality is pretty good for me.

I’m an android girl, so my phone is a Samsung Galaxy A11. It has three cameras in the back which allows me to record videos in hd quality. I also like its sound system and that it can block dangerous phone calls for me.

I’ve been an editor of personal, academic and work videos since a teen, and Camstasia Studio is the only editor that I seem to understand well. I use it to edit my podcast, Youtube videos and my courses.

Right now I’m using Hostinger to host my two domains. I hired a plan that allows me to create up to 100 websites. if you get a hosting plan through my link you get a 20% discount! (note: it was to be the first time you purchase on Hostinger)

Bluehost was the hosting I used when I started Blissogirl, my first business. It was (and still is) a great platform. Easy to use, help 24/7 (the customer support was amazing in my case), and allows you to design your website using wordpress.

*This page contains some affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase something using my link, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.