Fixing your sales with one easy strategy

If you are getting low sales and almost no traffic coming to your sales page, there may be different kinds of issues going on, but today I want to focus on one specific problem that may be preventing you from getting the sales.

In order to share this strategy with you I first would like to explain to you the issue by telling you a story from when I was at university.

It was 2017 and I was in my final year. Two classmates and I wanted to participate in the English fair of my career and decided to sell grilled sandwiches, cake and coffee. 

We wanted to be original because we weren’t the only people selling food that day. So we (probably it was just me) had the amazing idea of changing the names of the things we were going to sell. 

The three of us were big fans of The Walking Dead at that moment, so our price list looked something like this:

  • Negan’s Sandwiches $4
  • Michonne’s cake $3 
  • Carl’s cookies $2
  • Coffee $2

We thought it was a great idea because The Walking Dead was very popular at that moment as they had just released a new season. But do you want to know what happened?

We barely made sales.

One of our obvious mistakes, even pointed out by a fellow classmate, was our prices. We wanted to earn a lot of money, so we charged more than what the university canteen was charging at that moment. You can imagine that people saw our prices and ran away immediately because we were very expensive.

But our second mistake and the less obvious one was the names of our products. I need to be honest here and say that I only realized of this mistake now after I’ve been running two businesses.

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People were taken back by the names of the food we were selling. I still remember students looking at our price list in a confused way and then leaving. I also remember a teacher asking us ‘What is a Negan sandwich?’, and we answering something along the lines of ‘It’s just a grilled sandwich’.

I felt embarrassed the whole day.

Do you want to know what happened at that same moment with my fellow classmates who were selling other things? 

They made a load of sales. They named their products with their normal names and put adequate prices. Many people were excited to try their apple pies, ice coffee and crepes. 

Meanwhile me and my group ended up making just a couple of sales and losing money. 

Do not try to over complicate the name or description of the service or product you provide. If you’re selling a pack of instagram templates, don’t name it “Arya Stark’s favorite graphics” because no one will get what you’re selling. It may look creative and fun for you, but customers want to know what your product is about in the first seconds of interaction if they’re just scrolling down on your sales page or social media.

When you’re just starting you may have a lot of cool ideas of content and products or even courses to create and sell online. Sometimes you may think that in order to make your creations more attractive you need something external to drag that attention to you, like including tv shows or characters’ names when naming your product or using words that are not clearly describing things for people.

The thing you need to consider and question is whether that name is really showing others what your product or course is about.

I will leave down here some examples of not-so-clear product names that I just made up so that you see what I mean: 

  • Ebook with cool tips for you
  • Lisa’s guide on maths
  • Crazy Pinterest tool
  • Digital amazing course
  • Beautiful templates

Well, always think about your brand and the tone you tend to use in your content creation (sweet, harsh, funny, serious, etc) and also what your product actually does. Here’s a list with product names that do make people be cleared on what the thing is about:

  • Halloween themed clip art
  • Budget tracker template kit
  • Digital decluttering planner
  • Cheat sheet for easy pinning
  • Skyrocket your marketing Ebook

What if you really like being unique and bringing your fun personality into your business?

If that is your case then just embrace that cool part of you and try to get to a name that makes people know what you are going to help them with even if your brand is playful. The following are some examples:

  • The classy handbook for new college students
  • Shhh Guide: Secret, Hilarious and Honest tips for bakers
  • Put your biz together Masterclass

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The best part of coming up with ideas of names for your products is that you can tweak it as you go. I still remember times when I launched products or courses that didn’t get much attention. It was after I changed their names that more people started purchasing.

It also happened the opposite: my product or course had a boring name that I thought I needed to change and by doing that less people found it on Google search because the name was very intricate and not many understood what it was about.

So leave a space open for you to change things along the way, just as you would do with your prices, sales pages or niche. Allow yourself to tweak things as you move forward, try different names until you find the one that gives you better results.

I truly hope this guide was helpful to you and that it could give you a new perspective into naming products, courses and services for your business. Take some time to reflect and analyze whether there is any change to make to yours, hopefully making it SEO friendly and that way allowing more potential buyers to be interested in what you have to offer.

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