Healing at deeper levels to grow my online business

Since the moment I started my business I’ve realized that most of the biggest blocks I’ve faced, like scalating my income and growing my audience, have more to do with how I feel on the inside than with what I do on the outside.

Increasing the money I earn became difficult every time I was feeling not good enough. Whenever I felt that what I did was too bad to be shared, or needed to decrease my prices because otherwise people would “ask for refunds”, my products wouldn’t sell or I would receive bad reviews.

If the issue was growing my audience, that exactly matched the moments where I felt like I was not a good leader, that no one would like to learn from me, or when I felt like I didn’t want the responsibility to have an audience.

There have been more blocks and things to heal throughout my experience having a digital passive income business. And I know that those things won’t go away forever unless I do the healing work first.

Sounds easy, but as soon as you step into the healing process, you realize that every other task in your business (creating content, writing articles, answering questions, etc) is way more doable. It’s because they have a structure. You can easily learn how to send an email, you can totally get how to use wordpress or how to record a podcast. With time, those things become like a habit. 

Whereas the mindset part doesn’t have a manual. It’s different for everyone and it doesn’t include instructions attached when you experience difficulties. If you feel like you don’t deserve money, and you have money, you may unconsciously sabotage yourself to lose that money. If you don’t have the money, you start feeling that it will be your reality forever, so instead of attracting it to you, you make it go farther away. 

If you don’t feel like a leader, no matter how many books about leadership you read or how many times you push yourself to your limits to act as a leader, inside there would be a flame that can disappear at any moment, because you don’t truly feel good enough.

Being a business owner goes way beyond the typical archetype of a girlboss all dressed up in pink elegant suits, drinking coffee from a mug and looking like having it all together.

In fact, it feels like living as a person trying to choose between being the boss setting the rules and the employee who follows those rules. Especially if you don’t have a team and you’re a solopreneur, the wide variety of hats you wear sometimes prevent you from getting in touch with your feelings.

Having been all my life worried about my feelings and reflecting every time I could, hasn’t prevented me from hitting rock bottom. I had always been in touch with my mindset and spirituality, but once I became a business owner, there was a part of myself who thought “now I need to focus on hard work, and let feelings aside”.

But as bad as it may sound to others, when being a female entrepreneur feelings cannot be put aside. We women are very emotional beings, and most of us manage our entire lives taking into account how we feel. So why should we run our businesses or side-hustles with a cold heart? Why should we ignore the desires our hearts scream in order to make more profit and look more serious or professional?

So I did a new journey to get in touch with my feelings and with my protective patterns, in order to release the pain and the stress I was experiencing in relation to some areas of my life.

I achieved this by doing the 30-day program by Michelle Rohr and Aimee Johannan, Release and Reclaim.

During the R&R program we had to journal every day using a digital journal made by Michelle and Aimee. Every morning we had to answer a prompt, and during the afternoon/night we had to write down three things we decluttered in the day.

The heart of the program was the journaling session, but another important aspect was the daily content that both Aime and Michelle were pouring into the program’s hub. Every day I got excited to see the new addition to it.

Sometimes there was a behind the scenes video from one of them or a recommendation of a video that they liked, other days there was an audio that I used as a podcast episode and listened while doing home chores. I would always end up super inspired after taking a look at the hub, whereas that happened at the beginning or at the end of the day.

In this space you get after login with your account, you have access to every recorded coaching call (there are three of them), the 30-days of content curated by Michelle and Aimee, the digital journal that you can download in two different formats, an invitation to be an affiliate (and make your money back by promoting the program to others), and answers to frequently asked questions.

During the program many things about me started getting to the surface. I got more conscious that I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to be fully independent from everyone. I was continuously thinking that I didn’t want to bother others with my problems nor wanted to make people get angry with me because of my issues. 

Little by little I started uncovering things that were hidden in myself and realized the different roles I was pushing myself to act in the relationships I have in my life.

One of the aspects of the program is to discover what is your protective pattern and release yourself from it. So during the thirty days I started putting into practice not acting from my protective pattern, which is seeking the approval of others.

This whole work coincided with a trial month on which I had to do thirty things to move my business forward, which I will be talking to you about in a future post and video.

Balancing both things was a little bit hard at the beginning, especially because as usual I was putting many things on my plate to compensate for my low sales and poor traffic coming to my different platforms. So the mission for me was to be able to do my daily tasks without compromising my healing process. Being able to give myself the permission to do what I desired in the moment while also being responsible with my deadlines. 

I can happily say today that I could find that balance after some trial and error. I started prioritizing some things and deleting the tasks that I had previously put on my schedule just to feel like I was working hard.

Before the Release and Reclaim program I was experiencing some situations where I felt my boundaries were being trespassed. I couldn’t say no to others or ask someone to mind their own businesses when they were continuously telling me what I should do. 

After the 30 days of the program ended, I realized there were two opportunities where I was able to put some limits with other people. Even if those limits were small, I still feel more prepared to do it again in the future.

Before the program I was dressing up in clothes I did not fancy just because I am almost every day at home. I would wear items I didn’t really like, therefore I would feel horrible the whole afternoon. 

After R&R I began wearing my favorite clothes from my wardrobe. I even went shopping after a long time and got a new sweater I’m in love with. Not only that but I got willing to wear make-up almost every day and my favorite earrings and rings. I can easily say that I do feel more beautiful and confident than before.

Before the program started I was having some issues with my sight because I hadn’t changed my glasses in many years. Apart from that, the glasses were so old that they had whole scratched sections on them, which meant I could see even less.

During the program I worked really hard on feeling comfortable receiving from others. So when my partner offered to buy me new glasses, I accepted. I went to an eye checkup and discovered my sight had gotten worse. I chose my favorite glasses from the store (which I was never used to. Before I would pick the ones that were cheaper or more ‘normal’) and for the first time in my life, I felt pretty wearing glasses. This totally shifted away the weight of wearing eye lenses from my shoulders. 

Before the program I had some decluttering to do in my living room area, bedroom and bathroom. Every time I would look around me, I’d feel like I was surrounded by clutter.

After Release and Reclaim I reclaimed my power to give away the things I don’t need anymore, and also to take to the trash everything is not useful anymore. Now I have a house with less clutter and I’m more ready to keep decluttering the rest of my belongings. 

There are still some things I have to keep on working on, so I will be repeating the program again as many times as I need it. The healing process is a cycle and I know it doesn’t end after you take a course or go to therapy for a couple of sessions. There is always some more dirt to move away and things to take to the surface, things that are so well-hidden we would think they don’t even exist in us. 

All those changes uncovered some old desires I had buried a time ago: publishing the novels I’ve written and working as a Young Adult author. 

Even though I only got to write a couple of scenes from a story I’ve been working on, I could easily fall into the arms of joy. I started getting so excited when creating my moodboard for this story and deciding what was going to happen in the different chapters, that I felt this desire burning harder and stronger.

There was a time where I thought that maybe my life was going to be my business only, and then I thought my business was helping others with their businesses. Now I feel like maybe my life needs more space for my creativity, because that is my purpose: Healing through creativity. Using creativity as a vessel on which to work my purpose. 

The Creative Purpose, right?

After Release and Reclaim I gained so much that eventually I started earning more money with my business. My Etsy store made more sales than before and I found a way to keep getting sales when they start going down again. 

This strategy is something I need to keep on tweaking, but I’m getting there. And the best part is that I’m not sweeping my desires under the carpet, but I’m letting them grow bigger and get fully noticed by me.

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  • Cultivate your best mindset
  • Make fear your compass
  • Step into your highest self
  • Declutter and lighten up

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I truly hope this post was inspiring to you and that it triggers your desires to come to the surface so that you live as your highest self, not by achieving success according to society, but by doing what you want.

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