How I repurposed my content to create an Ebook to sell

Some years ago I started growing a blog where I shared my tips in relation to language learning. Little by little, and thanks to the help of Pinterest, I got more traffic coming to my website. 

One day, I decided I wanted to repurpose all the content I had written into an Ebook. I took this decision because I knew some people wouldn’t have the time to check out all my posts, by would probably want to have all my tips in a PDF they could read on their phones.

In the following video I teach you how you can do the same strategy I did to create an ebook that you can sell for a couple of dollars on Etsy, Payhip, Gumroad or any other platform you like.

Making an ebook has many benefits that I talk about in the video above but one that I really like is that it helps you attract new people inside of your business, who then can become into members of your programs, 1-1 clients and part of your audience.

What way can you repurpose the content you have already written or recorded? Can you create an Ebook where you teach about your area of expertise? Can you create a concise guide to help others achieve something?

Your Ebook can be about anything! Maybe you’re amazing at gardening, or you know a lot about marketing.  Perhaps your zone of genius is succeeding at international exams or you love giving advice to other parents.

Whatever it is you love teaching about, consider it to make an ebook that can help others, specially if they are in the same stage you once were.

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I truly hope this post was helpful to you and that it could give you a new perspective into creating an Ebook.

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