How I doubled my earnings by closing my membership and repurposing the content inside

If you’ve been on the online business world for a while, chances are that you may have already created a membership or program where you have monthly subscribers who pay you in order to have access to your content.

If you’ve been doing great with that offer, that’s amazing! Keep going with it. Now, if your outcome hasn’t been very good or not good at all and you cannot stop thinking on the loads of content you create for almost no money, I totally get you.

When I decided to launch my membership called Polyglot Girls Collective I had the hope that many women around the world would join my community and enjoy my content. What ended up happening was that I was creating four pieces of content per month (two printable worksheets, one masterclass and one set of phone wallpapers for language lovers) and only had three consistent subscribers.

I loved and deeply appreciated the support I received from these girls, but honestly I was feeling a little bit dissapointed that no one else was joining for more than one or two months in a row.

I was making better quality content every month but I was earning so little.

After a year running my membership I decided it was time to close it, but I was scared to lose all the content I had created. 

I made a whole video to share with you my experience after closing my membership. I include everything I did and all my numbers in relation to income earned. If you’re curious to know how I managed to make more money after closing my membership, watch the video below. 

Ps. You can increase the video’s quality on the configuration 🙂


In the video I make a comparison between my income before and after closing the membership. Just as I mention in the video, every amount of money I share is the revenue, therefore it’s exactly what people paid. That means that taxes and transactional fees are not reduced of those amounts.

What is one project you have going on right now that you could totally use to repurpose the content inside, so that you create more streams of income for your business?

It can be a patreon account, Kofi account, membership, monthly program on your website, or even a course that didn’t make much sales but you know the content inside is very good.

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I truly hope this post was helpful to you and that it could give you a new perspective into closing a membership program (or any offer) and repurposing the content you’ve created so far.

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