What is an INTERACTIVE EBOOK and its benefits for your digital business

There are some printable products and courses ideas that I came with after seeing something similar in another person’s Etsy store, blog, membership and program. But there’s one idea that I haven’t seen anywhere else (yet) which I am so excited to share with you today: an Interactive Ebook.

This is a digital file in PDF format which you can open on your computer, phone or tablet device. This Ebook contains written tips, ideas or support for people in relation to one niche or area of expertise. The thing is, this is not just a normal Ebook but an interactive one.

By being interactive, every person using the ebook can interact with it by clicking buttons according to their personal preferences or decisions. This way, the tips, ideas or support they get from the ebook will be personalized to them.

During my third year running Blissogirl, I came up with the idea of an interactive ebook with language learning ideas for autonomous students. I made three categories that could make the ebook an interactive one: Time availability, skill to practice and current mood.

I’m not only happy to have tried an idea that I hadn’t seen in the market yet, but I also got super excited to create more of this kind of ebooks that are 1) Very easy to use and 2) Very useful to use. They aren’t just practical but also very fun to create and use later on. Both you and your customers will experience delight!

If you wonder whether or not people get interested on purchasing this, at least in my experience, the Interactive Ebook I created is very popular at my store and even the ones who don’t buy it, decide to mark it as a favourite.

In the following video I teach you more of what an interactive ebook is, the benefits it creates in your digital business, and I also show you how the one I designed works.

This is the first lesson of my Udemy course “Create an Interactive Ebook on Canva”. If you want to learn more about it and watch the other lessons, you can do it on the following link:

Do you want some ideas for an Interactive Ebook? Here are some interesting ones that you can use as inspiration:

-Ideas for clothes you can wear depending on your body type and color tone.

-Games you can play with your children according to their age and personality traits.

-Food you can eat as a dialized person according to your health factors.

-Flowers you can grow according to planting place and local climate factors.

-Hairstyle for your unique face shape and hair type.

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I truly hope this post was helpful to you and that it could encourage you to try creating your first Interactive Ebook.

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