What to do if you decide to close your membership

Some years ago I decided to create a membership program called “Polyglot Girls Collective“. Members joining this would receive monthly language learning printables, challenges, a set of wallpapers in three different languages and the final addition: Masterclasses focused on one topic.

This membership had three price options: $7 per month, $70 per year and $120 lifetime access. As PGC evolved through the months, I changed the price twice because I started realizing that some people would get into the membership, grab the printables and then stop paying. Moreover, Teachable (the platform I used to host my membership) didn’t eliminate right away the members who stopped paying. Instead, it gave them like three warnings during two or three weeks (maybe even four), so basically they were getting something very similar to an extra free month 🙃 

That aspect of running a membership and the fact that I wasn’t making enough money with it, made me take the decision of closing the Polyglot Girls Collective 😮‍💨 

But as I didn’t want to leave all the things I had created through one year go to waste and collect dust in a platform that I wasn’t going to use anymore, I took another decision: to make further use of everything I had created for my membership program in different ways.

If you are on the verge of closing a membership program, a course or anything that is not sustainable anymore in your digital business, I invite you to reflect on everything you have created for it that you can re-purpose and re-use on a new course, a bundle, a lifetime-access program, digital downloads, freebies, articles, Youtube videos or any other thing that resonates more with you at this moment.

In the following video I share with you my whole experience in relation to closing my membership, Polyglot Girls Collective, what I did during and after I took that decision and whether or not it was a positive thing for my business.

If you want to take a look at my revenue numbers and see whether I earned more money before or after the membership, watch the video below!

I truly hope this post was helpful to you and that it could encourage you to re-purpose the content inside your soon-to-be closed membership, so that its value is not forever lost.

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